Housekeeping List


  • In  case there is a problem that needs fixing call the management office and speak with Pawel or Kiara. They will authorize work order and can  assist you with any payment issues or any other matter. You can contact  our office at 646-964-4764 or
  • In case of emergency, please call 516-984-1709
  • The rent payment is due by the 1st of each month
  • Any rent received after the 5th day of the month, will be subject to a late charge of $50.00
  • There is a charge of $75.00 for all checks returned to the Landlord drawn on an account with insufficient or uncollected funds.
  • We strongly advice tenant to get the Renter Insurance, which will cover any damages to your personal belongings.
  • There is NO Smoking policy in the building.
  • Pets policy -- any pets have to be approved by the building management.
  • Tenant is obligated to maintain and clean the Premises.
  • According  to NYC law we will keep the copy of the apartment keys, if you will  replace the lock you are require to provide us with a copy of the keys.
  • Building heating system is control by the computer which is program according to the NYC requirements.
  • Please don't use any chemicals for clogged drain, use plunger, if you cannot fix it notify super/management ASAP.
  • We require purchasing of drain hair stopper for bathtub/shower.
  • Apartment should be returned clean, in the same condition as you getting it.
  •  We provide the Exterminator Service once a month. Please provide the access.
  • We are not allowed installation of satellite dish on the roof.
  • There is the $50.00 charge for lost keys.
  • According to NYC Law all residents are require to recycle the garbage. All mattresses and spring boxes need to be cover with plastic bag before disposal.   

Click Here for how to recycle.

  • All cardboard need to be folded and tie with string or tape.
  • Please don't throw any objects into the toilet (Q-tips, paper towel, baby wipes, food leftover, etc.)
  • Please report any water leak immediately.
  • Please purchase floor mat for bathroom.
  • Please purchase shower curtains, long enough to stay in the bathtub at all time.
  • No sitting or standing on the front steps.
  • Landlord will provide Heat and Hot Water only. Upon lease signing it is the  tenant's obligation to contact local utility company to have gas and electricity turned on. In addition, Tenant may at his/her own expenses install cable television, phone and high speed internet service. 
  • Window A/C unit MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY AND SAFELY installed at tenant's expense. Tenant must remove its A/C unit during the heating season and at the end of lease term.
  • During  the last 30 days of the Lease Tenant will allow the Landlord's Real  Estate Broker to show the apartment to persons who wish to rent an  apartment.
  • Security Deposit cannot be use as payment for the rent.
  • Please read the owner manual before using appliances (stove, washer/dryer, HVAC units, etc.)
  • Tenant is responsible for replacing the light bulbs.
  • Tenant is responsible for replacing the batteries for smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • There will be a service charge for replacing bulbs or batteries of $50 up to 3 fixtures and $100 for 4-6 fixtures.
  • Rent payments need to be made using Click Pay, please set up the account  within 5 days from lease signing and make the payment as Auto Pay.
  • BREAKING THE LEASE: You will be responsible for rent payments until new tenant  will sign the lease or until the lease expiration whichever came first  (even if you will decided to move out from the apartment earlier)
  • AirBNB is prohibited. By the NYC State Law it is illegal to rent an  apartment to third party. If Tenant refuse to comply, your lease will be  terminated, and will lead to Legal action.

 How to operate washer/dryer (watch video from 13 minutes for instructions).